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Food that requires preparation in the recipient’s home (i.e. defrosting, warming up etc.) is zero-rated in relation to VAT – see .gov for more or view our PDF guide to VAT and this initiative

This initiative will not impact on your ability to claim in relation to furloughed employees – see .gov for more.

We suggest you produce 2 meals (1 of which must be vegetarian). These should be ‘one-pot’ meals that offer a balanced meal including carbohydrate, fats and protein allowing the recipient to enjoy the meal without needing to cook accompaniments to make the meal complete. View 58 one-pot recipes here to get some ideas.

You are responsible for ensuring you have appropriate packaging for the meals (500cc microwavable takeaway containers with lids). You can either work with your existing suppliers or purchase goods you may require via our dedicated store. All items in the Open Kitchens store are sold at cost and purchased in bulk to access the best unit price. In addition, you will be required to use the Open Kitchens labels which can be purchased via the store at cost. These will allow you to tick allergens and provide key information whilst promoting the Open Kitchens website in case any recipient is in crisis and needs to make a request for more food.

You are responsible to follow our reduced transmission guide and source the equipment you require. You can either purchase these items with your existing suppliers or purchase goods you may require via our dedicated store. All items in the Open Kitchens store are sold at cost and purchased in bulk to access the best possible unit price. Items you are likely to need include gloves, face masks, hand sanitiser. We will try to stock these as and when they are available and sell them at cost via the store. If you are unable to purchase them via the store then you will be required to make your own arrangements.

There are an estimated 10 million people facing a food crisis in the UK throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Many are isolated, vulnerable or simply cannot afford food having lost jobs or due to homelessness etc. This is happening now across all communities in the UK – view this guide to learn more about who you will be helping and donate via Just Giving.

The main people we support are:

Vulnerable children in food poverty
Vulnerable adults in food poverty
Adults in the shielding programme who have difficulties cooking
The homeless
Those with learning difficulties/disability
Those with dementia

With over 100,000 commercial kitchens across the UK not in use, our aim is to bring communities and kitchens together in order to open, cook and distribute meals to those in need in communities across the UK. All those who work on the initiative are unpaid and the costs of the meals are funded by the community and local businesses via a central Just Giving page for Open Kitchensand a unique page for each kitchen. The meals are distributed by volunteers and logistics partners, managed by Open Kitchens volunteers and our technology. Watch our 30-second video to learn more about Open Kitchens.

All those involved in Open Kitchens are unpaid, acting as volunteers. Chefs in kitchens will not be paid by Open Kitchens or receive any pay from the funding they receive from their community. By participating in the Open Kitchens initiative companies across the UK can still access the 80% contribution on salaries up to £2,500 per month under the government's Job Retention scheme. All volunteers are still able to access this support as the work is unpaid, as all involved are volunteering for a not-for-profit organisation.

All those who operate in the Open Kitchens initiative are required to follow Government guidelines, including social distancing (minimum of 2 metres apart at all times). Review our reduced-transmission model and this resource centre for more info on this.

Throughout this pandemic anyone who steps outside their home is facing a level of risk. We take risk and the safety of all involved in the Open Kitchens initiative very seriously and through personal protective equipment (PPE) and our reduced-transmission guide we are working hard to ensure everyone remains as safe as possible whilst helping those in need across our communities. We also insist that all participating in this initiative strictly follow these guidelines and all Government guidelines. If you require PPE and items for being able to produce and pack meals, please visit our store where you can access these goods at cost.

Feed Your Community CIC (Trading as Open Kitchens) is a not-for-profit organisation. We have significant insurance policies in place covering all key areas, including Public Liability. All volunteers and pledging kitchens are provided with safety information, guidance on managing the reduction of transmission risk and access to safety goods. All volunteers who pledge to Open Kitchens do so at their own risk.

The provision of food supplies, the operating of kitchens and the distribution of food to those in need all sit under the classification of key-worker status as defined by the government. Please see Government guidelines for more info.

As a not-for-profit CIC here to help get free meals to those in need, we are sensitive to the risks of abuse, particularly whereby food is requested from those who do not truly need it. We are developing ways to ensure this is kept to a minimum and will further develop those processes throughout and rely on goodwill and honesty at this time of crisis.

We are opening existing commercial kitchens, so the majority of those working in the kitchens are from the existing team.

Yes – each kitchen will receive their own crowdfunding page on Just Giving to raise funds to cook for their community. All participating kitchens promote this to their audience in order to encourage fundraising from the community. All funding is to be used to cover the production costs of the meals (including PPE & packaging), not wages.

Anyone who is in genuine need for them. We rely on our communities to act in good faith during this crisis and tend to focus on then following areas:

Vulnerable children in food poverty
Vulnerable adults in food poverty
Adults in the shielding programme who have difficulties cooking
The homeless
Those with learning difficulties/disability
Those with dementia

View our map guide to see which kitchens we have opened so far. All meals produced will be given for free to those most in need in their community, funded by the community and in support of local businesses.

Delivery drivers will be connected to the open kitchens in their community including contact details to arrange collection of the meals. The meals will then be taken to local organisations that require the meals who will then distribute them to their beneficiaries. We will also be launching our delivery technology soon to allow our Delivery Angels to accept jobs to collect and take meals to individuals and organisations in need using a reduced transmission model

We need local and national corporations to support by providing resources we urgently require funding for the production of meals to help feed those in need in their communities. View our corporate sponsors pack and get in touch if your corporation can help.

Please note the following terms and conditions you must abide to as a volunteer for Feed Your Community CIC (Trading as Open Kitchens):

1 - Should I accept to deliver an order on behalf of Open Kitchens, I will:

a. wash my hands for at least 20 seconds before departing to make a delivery, after collecting the meal and after dropping the meal off.

b. not enter the property of any person I am making a delivery to.

c. place the delivery outside the person’s door, ring the doorbell or knock on the door, retreat by at least 2 metres and wait to ensure the person has collected their delivery and that they are happy with the delivery.

2. I agree to abide by applicable data protection law in connection with any volunteering undertaken with Open Kitchens, which includes not disclosing the address, name or other personal information of any person Open Kitchen delivers to.

3. If, during delivery, I become concerned about safeguarding the needs of the person I am delivering to, I will alert the safeguarding lead within Open Kitchen (Rachel Kelso).

4. I understand that only the out-of-pocket expenses I actually incur while and in connection with volunteering will be reimbursed within 10 days after I have completed and submitted the expenses form and provided substantiating receipts.

5. I understand that if I fail to abide by any of these terms, I may no longer be entitled to carry out volunteering work for Open Kitchens.

6. These terms are binding in honour only, and are not intended to be a legally binding contract between us and may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of either of us. I confirm I am not an employee and that neither I, nor Open Kitchens, intends to create any employment relationship either now or at any time in the future.

Donate via our central fundvolunteer to help and help spread the word.

As distributors of food, you are legitimately allowed to travel during this pandemic.

Unfortunately we do not pay expenses and rely entirely on the goodwill of unpaid volunteers.

We have developed a reduced transmission model for all those involved in this initiative. You can also view government guidelines on social distancing and food delivery and takeaway guidance developed by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

All participating kitchens and Delivery Angels must pledge to follow these guides throughout and monitor government announcements on new rules and measures as they are introduced. All volunteers are provided with this information, however, they assume all responsibility for any subsequent risk from taking part in this initiative.

Delivery Angels and participating kitchens are required to review and confirm their acceptance of all guidelines provided upon pledging. These documents include clear instruction on rules and procedures to follow.

We have an ok Angels Facebook group in place to bring together volunteers who are looking to support the Open Kitchens mission to feed those in need in our community. Join now if you can help and you can also access a range of resources plus announcements on food availability and areas in which we need support.

Open Kitchens can be found on FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTube. Follow for updates and help spread the message by sharing posts with your contacts. The sharing of information is critical in order to help spread the word and raise donations to feed those in need in our communities across the UK. Read our guide to help spread the word here. Remember to follow the progress of funding the kitchens near you by visiting regularly.

Open Kitchens is GDRP compliant initiative and we take the management of data seriously.

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